OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

DFIR {Digital Forensics and Incident Response}
2022-06-19, 14:00–14:55, Workshop 1

I would love to talk about DFIR tools, Autopsy & Caine OS.

This workshop is related to end-users. We see too many strange emails that are sent to local users. This has become very dangerous especially for the digital marketing department because they have to answer every email that comes and too many of the emails are viruses. The DFIR team encounters many types of viruses such as adware, rootkits, trojans that have sometimes caused "Privilege Escalations".
Most people who fall prey to these viruses have no idea what happens to their PC. We want to share our knowledge with others.
The tools that will be used are CAINE OS & AUTOPSY.

The Structure is :
1- Creating an ISO image or using an existing hard disk.
2- Analysing User
3- Analysing Directories
4- Analysing Windows Registry Editor
5- Summary