OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

Getting started with Go
2022-06-18, 16:00–17:50, Workshop 1

Are you wondering why some language named Go is getting more and more popular? If yes, join this workshop to understand why and make your first steps with it. We will start from scratch and by the end of the workshop you will know how to write Go programs the Go way.

This workshop is useful for anyone who has programming experience(with other languages) and wants to start learning Go. We will start from scratch and by the end the attendees will know how to write simple Go programs. We will focus more on the elements which are more specific in Go than they are in other languages, and on explaining why they are different. There will also be a hands-on part, where the attendees have to use what they have learned and write a Go program to solve a particular problem. For the things we are not able to cover in that timeframe, we will include materials for the participants to study after the workshop and elevate their Go skills even more.