OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

Containerization and orchestration for fun and profit
2022-06-19, 11:00–12:50, Workshop 1

This workshop will walk a user with basic knowledge of linux, networking and virtualization through setting up a kubernetes cluster in their own local network (or even PC). Then the workshop will show how to use the given cluster and how to host workloads publicly in the internet in a secure and scalable way.

The workshop will begin with a brief explanation of containerization, docker and how it plays into container orchestration and kubernetes. That will be followed by setting up a basic cluster using Oracle VirtualBox, although any containerization technology can be used. In order to encourage the usage of immutable infrastructure, the installation of the cluster OS-level components will be performed using Fedora CoreOS.

The kubernetes distribution will be k3s due to it very closely resembling the kubernetes upstream and a production setup while at the same time being light-weight enough so people can run it in their local networks or even their local PCs.

After having setup the basic cluster, the workshop will proceed with the process of bootstraping it with the usual components such as ingress, cert-manager and a volume provisioning utility that actually make the cluster useful.

Questions will be welcome and encouraged throughout the workshop, which will be concluded by deploying nextcloud and a mariadb database.