OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

Deep Learning from a Student's Perspective
2022-06-19, 14:30–14:55, Main room

Entering deep learning may seem intimidating at first due to the foggy perception that we as a society have about artificial intelligence. This talk is aimed at demystifying deep learning and providing an overview of the field from a student's perspective.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about deep learning but were overwhelmed/confused by all the math, tools, techniques and concepts? In this talk we're going to go through the basics of deep learning, mainly focusing on the hindrances that most learners face. Additionally, a comparison between the main deep learning frameworks will be provided. The speaker will share her experience of using deep learning for natural language processing as part of her bachelor’s thesis. An emphasis will be placed on explaining what makes deep learning both an art and a science.

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