OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

Using open data to be better disrupters, lessons learned on outreach and decoding it's language
2022-06-18, 16:00–16:25, Main room

Why is the rhetoric open data so complicated and why arent more grassroots organistions using it to improve their capacity? Is it more important to arm NGOs with more tools to help them in a world that has fewer resources but more priorities in a post Covid world? This talk explores that arguement.

In this talk, we will explore some of the barriers to why more open data is not being used for social action and how government outreach in the past may have actually had a negative impact on that. We will also shine a light on how we got here from a British and German perspective and what we can change as we come out of Covid-19.

We discover what is the language that resonates with grassroots NGOs and we will feedback on a host of work that has done with policymakers from across the world who took part in a series of hackathons during the pandemic that could offer to learning that you can use with your own work.

Nathan will also offer recommendations on how we can better engage NGOs and what considerations governments should consider when promoting open-source activities.