OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

Device Neutrality - Making Free Software accesible in devices
2022-06-18, 14:00–14:25, Main room

While digital devices are a ubiquitous reality in all aspects of life, control over the hardware and software running on them is increasingly being limited by internet platforms, digital services providers, hardware manufacturers, and vendors. Device Neutrality is a policy concept to safeguard software freedom in devices and protect users from vendor lock-in. This talk will explain why this concept is fundamental for digital freedom in years to come.

Device neutrality is a policy term that translates as non-discrimination of services and apps by providers, manufacturers, and vendors. The objective of device neutrality is to enable consumers to bypass gatekeepers and enable a fair and non-discriminatory use of Free Software.

The talk will explain the demands the FSFE has been leveraging in the public debates and legislative processes:

  • Software freedom in devices;
  • No vendor lock-in;
  • End-user control over data in devices