OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania)

“The state of facial recognition technology: DIY stuff to trick the surveillance cameras” Kristi Çunga · Workshop (55 minutes)

Facial recognition technology is all over the place, and it's just getting more so. Big tech pitches it as a security feature that prevents outsiders from unlocking your iPhone or front door. Government entities, such as police forces, use it as well. They, throughout the world, employ facial recog…

“Containerization and orchestration for fun and profit” rxa · Workshop (1.8 hours)

This workshop will walk a user with basic knowledge of linux, networking and virtualization through setting up a kubernetes cluster in their own local network (or even PC). Then the workshop will show how to use the given cluster and how to host workloads publicly in the internet in a secure and sc…

“Terraform Practices - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” Hila Fish · Talk (25 minutes)

Terraform is a GREAT tool, but like a lot of other things in life, it has its pitfalls and bad practices.

Since you are working with Terraform, you probably went through its documentation, which can tell you what resources can be used - BUT do you always have a clear path towards using these resour…

“Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption” Hila Fish · Talk (25 minutes)

Choosing the right open-source project to use can be quite challenging - not knowing if it’s going to be the right fit, how it will behave, and if you end up wasting time trying to make it all work. We’ve all been there.

But what if I told you there’s a practical way to have a clear understanding o…

“How to setup Nextcloud on a docker container” Gerjan · Talk (25 minutes)

A short talk on how to set up Nextcloud using docker containers and nginx revers proxy

“Manage your own DNS” Dashamir Hoxha · Talk (25 minutes)

When you purchase a domain, the seller of the domain usually offers the possibility to manage the DNS records of this domain from a web interface. In this case you are using their nameservers. However it is also possible to manage your domains yourself, and it is not too difficult. In this presenta…

“A talk on Digital Rights in Albania” Orkidea Xhaferaj, Erjon Curraj · Talk (25 minutes)

We seek to discuss with the audience about the concept of digital rights, and contextualize it to the Albanian reality. In the past few years we have witnessed privacy invasion, data leaks, online content blockage and so on. The talk will address such developments, and other possible scenarios that…

“A look at the Security Features of GNOME on Fedora” Julita Inca · Talk (25 minutes)

The Fedora Operating System has developed some features thinking in the security of a final user.
It is possible to set them up by clicking on the options of the system. This talk will show most of these
features that are also included in its dekstop by default, GNOME.

“Open Broadcast Studio in an hour” ChrisChinchilla · Workshop (55 minutes)

Live-streaming and video production became more than a pastime in the last two years, and became a necessity for many to communicate information and communicate with their communities. In this workshop I take you through the essentials of the preeminent open source tool, Open Broadcast Studio (OBS).

“Deep Learning from a Student's Perspective” Danjela Lura · Talk (25 minutes)

Entering deep learning may seem intimidating at first due to the foggy perception that we as a society have about artificial intelligence. This talk is aimed at demystifying deep learning and providing an overview of the field from a student's perspective.

“Jenkins in Kubernetes for Startups (Case Study)” Nevis, Besjana Muraku · Talk (25 minutes)

As more startups are emerging in our country (Albania), there is the need to apply best practices on Devops area. In the microservices age, on the most powerful tool is Kubernetes. Also another very useful tool is Jenkins, which accelerates the software development process through automation. In th…

“Hypersyn: A Peer-to-Peer System for Mutual Credit” Lum Ramabaja · Talk (55 minutes)

The capacity of a social system is intertwined with the limitations of its monetary system. By allowing banks to have absolute control of credit, we have inevitably limited the level of autonomy and self-organization that people can have. To break this power asymmetry, we need new tools and systems…

“Censorship of Wikipedia” Lars · Talk (25 minutes)

While some undemocratic countries try to suppress free speach, knowledge and Wikipedia, the movement has to fight with jurisdiction also in many free countries.

“Learning how to create subtitles with Gnome Subtitles” Joana Meraja · Workshop (55 minutes)

During this workshop we'll be learning how to create and publish subtitles with Gnome Subtitles.

“Device Neutrality - Making Free Software accesible in devices” Lucas Lasota · Talk (25 minutes)

While digital devices are a ubiquitous reality in all aspects of life, control over the hardware and software running on them is increasingly being limited by internet platforms, digital services providers, hardware manufacturers, and vendors. Device Neutrality is a policy concept to safeguard soft…

“What's going on in the LibreOffice community?” Mike Saunders · Talk (25 minutes)

There's lots happening in the LibreOffice project! Here's an overview.

“Using open data to be better disrupters, lessons learned on outreach and decoding it's language” Nathan Coyle FRSA · Talk (25 minutes)

Why is the rhetoric open data so complicated and why arent more grassroots organistions using it to improve their capacity? Is it more important to arm NGOs with more tools to help them in a world that has fewer resources but more priorities in a post Covid world? This talk explores that arguement.

“Open Source for business” Mariana Balla · Talk (25 minutes)

What are some of the most popular ready-to-use software solutions that businesses' online and offline infrastructure need? Let's have a look at what solutions you can use for daily operations, planning and data processing any type of business can benefit from.

“TOR” klesti fetiu · Workshop (55 minutes)

I will be doing hands-on examples and explaining in real-time what is Tor. I will dive a bit down to the technical level on how Tor works, and how it can be the next internet place for freedom.

“Securing Kubernetes with Open Policy Agent” Anton Sankov · Talk (25 minutes)

Kubernetes RBAC is limited because it only goes as far as whether a user can or cannot create new Kubernetes resources. Admission controllers solve this problem. They are a generic build-in security mechanism that allows you to write custom logic that determines whether or not a given resource can …

“Software Heritage, the global OSS archive” Italo Vignoli · Talk (25 minutes)

Software Heritage is the global archive of software source code, and is supported by UNESCO in cooperation with INRIA. Software source code represents a unique asset for human knowledge in recent history. It is therefore crucial to work together collectively so that the knowledge embedded in softwa…

“Open Source and Open Standards for Digital Sovereignty” Italo Vignoli · Talk (55 minutes)

Open Source Software and Open Standards – especially document formats – are of key importance for the digital sovereignty strategies of individuals, companies, organisations and governments. Today, user-created content - and the ability to share it transparently - is in the hands of a few companies…

“Getting started with Go” Anton Sankov, Boris Stoyanov · Workshop (1.8 hours)

Are you wondering why some language named Go is getting more and more popular? If yes, join this workshop to understand why and make your first steps with it. We will start from scratch and by the end of the workshop you will know how to write Go programs the Go way.

“DFIR {Digital Forensics and Incident Response}” endri xhukellari · Workshop (55 minutes)

I would love to talk about DFIR tools, Autopsy & Caine OS.

“Metaverse, the future shaped by Babylon.js” Engjell Rraklli · Talk (55 minutes)

The Metaverse it's coming. Facebook switching to Meta, the advent of the WebGPU and more, lead to an increased focus in 3D web projects. Among the web technologies bringing the 3D to the web, Babylon.js is the most feature-rich and well supported technology. The talk will be an introduction to Baby…

“⚠️ May Contain Hackers, what are hacker camps and what can they do for you?” Elger "Stitch" Jonker · Talk (25 minutes)

Hacker camps have been happening since 1993, when the first one took place in the Netherlands. They are vital for the continuation of hacker- and open-development culture, and they are also a fantastic experience. This year is special, with several hacker camps happening in sequence this summer. Fr…

“Free Software and AI in Europe” Alexander Sander · Talk (25 minutes)

The European Union has set itself the goal of adopting digital policies that are aligned with people’s rights, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not any exception. Free Software plays an important role in the development and further success of such technologies. Hence, I want to point out to specific…

“Joys of packaging - building distribution in Open Build Service” Martin Pluskal · Talk (25 minutes)

Having package management is a must for modern linux (not only linux) distributions. Why do we have it, what all can be solved via package management and how do we do this in openSUSE/SUSE. How is Open Build Service used, what all can it do, and what can it do for you?

“What made your container fat?” Dan Čermák · Talk (10 minutes)

Keeping the size of of your container images small is more important than ever, especially when distributing container images for others to build upon them. However, once multiple layers get involved, even the data collection aspect becomes challenging and most existing tools do not primarily focus…

“Security for (not only openSUSE) developers” Johannes Segitz · Talk (25 minutes)

General security recommendations for (not only openSUSE) developers. This includes specific recommendations on how to package software in a more secure ways and how to create a developer setup that is secure. For this we will shed some light on the specific challenges and quirks of the tool chains …

“A new distribution openSUSE Leap Micro” Douglas DeMaio · Talk (10 minutes)

openSUSE Leap Micro is a new distribution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro with the main purpose to be a host-os with minimal footprint which fits well the app-centric world.

“My 8+ Years with the openSUSE Project” Douglas DeMaio · Talk (25 minutes)

In this keynote, Douglas will share his experience of being a coordinator the project over the past 8 years. From events to marketing and traveling to translating, Douglas will provide insights into the project’s inner workings, character, successes and challenges.

“Panel Discussion” Check in/Registration · Talk (55 minutes)


“Carbonio Community Edition: intro and technical demo of our email and collaboration open source project” Giuliano Caregnato · Talk (25 minutes)

In the last ten years, front-end technologies have developed at a breakneck speed. Single Page Applications are wide-ranging and performant, yet very accessible to new developers - and tons of fun to play with. Carbonio Community Edition is a modern project that relies on some popular libraries and…

“Linux Native Packaging in Carbonio Community Edition, our open source e-mail and collaboration platform” Gianluca Boiano · Workshop (55 minutes)

Browsing various sites and searching for the necessary software can expose users to non-authoritative sources, resulting in numerous security risks. Carbonio Community Edition puts the user in control, allowing them to rely on granular and secure software distribution sourced from trusted repositor…

“Opening Speech by OSCAL Team” Check in/Registration · Talk (10 minutes)

Opening Speech